“Entrepreneurs and Revolutionaries are really the same kinds of people born into different circumstances. Both see the status quo in need of change, and both are willing to take the risks, and reap the rewards, of changing it”

— Paul Zane Pilzer

“Those daring souls who envision a better world, blaze new trails in business and upset the status quo.”

— Ray Smilor

At the fundamental level, entrepreneurship is about solving other people’s problems. It is a process we can use to make the lives we encounter better. In this process, entrepreneurs change the world.

The world is not short of problems.

We need more entrepreneurs! We need you!

Yes, entrepreneurs use business models to create and deliver products and services that make these changes possible. The business model approach is often what makes entrepreneurship different from other problem-solving products and services (see What do we do when we can’t solve a problem with an entrepreneur model?).

Entrepreneurship goes beyond solving people’s problems. It also fundamental to the creation of jobs.

It is no small task to become an employer. Employees come to rely on you. Their livelihoods depend on you.

We need job creators. We need you!

A capitalist economy encourages this type of enterprise and puts in place a reward mechanism for taking resources to try at solving the problem. Wealth is the consequence of successfully solving the problems the entrepreneur is trying to address because individuals with those problems exchange money (a store of value) for the value that the company’s solution offers.

While you will likely have many stakeholders (e.g. stockholders)that benefit from the success of your company, your efforts contribute to the greater economic development of your community, region, and nation. As the simple saying goes, a rising tide raises all boats, and your contributions to the economy will go further than just what you do in your business.

Our city, community, and region need your help to build, support, and strengthen our economy. We need more entrepreneurs!

Researcher | Entrepreneur | Mentor | Investor | Director CSUSM Innovation Center

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