Startup of the Week Episode 4: Quarantined Moms

Today, I am going to take a look at Mush. An app that connects moms with each other for social interaction in the times when young children take a lot of their time. It may be even more important today with the quarantine and the home school challenges moms face. Check out their pitch video on Youtube:

This company is an example of taking an existing business model and solution and applying it to a new problem domain. I jokingly call this “Tinder for moms.” You see this method of starting a business executed a lot among startups. They take something that works in one setting and apply it to another setting. It adds a lot of certainty to their opportunity that can result in strong fundraising results. If there is a painful problem, it can also lead to strong growth.

I like this company. I think they’re trying to tackle a painful problem among mothers with children. In addition, there is not a lot of technical risks because they are applying a pretty straightforward tech solution to the problem (the same tech solution has been done hundreds of times before in other settings).

There is one challenge with all of these types of social network tech solutions. You need to attract enough participants to make the value propositions work. If moms can’t find people in their area to connect with because participation is low, they will quickly delete the app. These types of businesses take a lot of marketing dollars to get off the ground.

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